Per Town of Jay Supervisor Archie Depo; I have been made aware of several posts and discussions regarding the upcoming Public Hearing on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the Town of Jay Community Center. It is important that the community be aware of several facts. First, at this point the ordinance in question is “proposed “which means it does not go into effect without Town Board approval by Resolution and this Board has not voted on the future of this ordinance, nor have they passed a Resolution in favor of adopting it. The second point is that this ordinance was drafted as a result of a group of Town of Jay residents who attended a recent Town of Jay Town Board Meeting and presented their request to have such an ordinance adopted in the Town of Jay. The purpose of calling this Public Hearing is to create a possibility for any and all concerned citizens to attend and speak their opinions. As Supervisor, I encourage you to attend and share your opinions before the Board votes on this draft ordinance. Please remember that this is your Town and I strongly encourage you to attend and make your voices heard.