Once again Mother Nature has showN her might here in the Town of Jay.  We were able to withstand the heavy rains from Monday, only to be hit with a clogged culvert on Stickney Bridge road that created huge problems up and down stream of the crossing.  I declared a State of Emergency to rectify this problem, as Stickney Bridge road is our main artery in and out of town if we have flooding on Route 9N.  I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to the Town of Jay Highway Department for answering the call before 4:00AM and Essex County DPW for mobilizing and repairing the damage the same day.  Essex County was able to reopen Stickney Bridge Road just before 4:00PM and the Town of Jay was able to repair and reopen Carey Road around the same time.  Attached is the scene just after daybreak.

The Grove ball fields are getting some updates this year.  I have been busy with the Parks Department clearing the infields of grass, leveling the playing surface and installing new bases.  The softball field is complete, but the rain has held up progress on the baseball field.  We are so excited to have these fields in outstanding condition for this year’s youth commission seasons.  We will continue the work this fall on the outfield areas to level them up from damage from years of flooding and use.

I would like to congratulate the Au Sable Forks Fire Department on the groundbreaking of their new fire station on Monday, even though I was unable to attend.  Work on the station has started and I look forward to this upgrade once finished.  Great job to the Fire Commissioners for their hard work getting this project to move forward.

Lastly, the Knights of Columbus will be holding a blood drive Thursday, May 4th at Holy Name School from 4:00PM to 7:00PM.  As always, blood supplies are low and your donation is greatly appreciated.  Please take the time to stop in, you never know when you may be the person in need.

Have a great week,