The Town of Jay Parks Department just accepted delivery of its new truck this week.  Over the last couple of years Park’s employee, Paul Benway, has been using his personal truck and trailers to get the job done for the Town of Jay.  This is the first purchase of equipment over the next few years to help our Parks Department keep our parks the best they can be.  This truck will also be the first piece of equipment to have our new logo affixed to it.  Water and Sewer operator, Norm Coolidge will be applying the attached logo decal as soon as we can get the truck warmed and cleaned up!

As a member of the Essex County Board of Supervisors, I am a member of the Personnel Committee, Human Services Committee and the Fair Ground Task Force.  In addition to these duties, I am also an Ex Officio member of the ROOST Board of Directors and the Essex County Cornell Cooperative Extension Board of Directors.  This past week I had an orientation for the ROOST Board of Directors.  North Hudson Supervisor Stephanie DeZaila and I were asked by Chairman Shaun Gilliland to sit on the board to represent Essex County.  I have been invited and I am looking forward to attending the next Essex County Office of the Aging Advisory Council meeting.

This week is meeting week at the Town of Jay.  Due to the fact I was out of town for parent’s weekend for my daughter, Jenna, at the University of Florida, I am posting this after we held our monthly Planning Board meeting.  However, tonight, we hold our monthly Town Board meeting at 7:00pm here at the Community Center.  As always, you can log on from home and watch the proceedings at:  This month, Kelley Tucker from the Ausable River Association will be making a presentation to the board.

Have a great week,